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  • New Democratic Platform Is a Social Justice Cuck-Fest

    The Democratic National Committee has finally started releasing snippets from its new platform, and it’s hard to argue that it isn’t a complete cuck-fest. Their changes include America having to pay for every abortion in the country (and maybe even in other countries,) abolishing the death penalty, giving more power to social justice warriors, and a bunch of […]

  • 30 Hilarious Police FAILs That Prove Cops Aren’t Perfect

    We love our boys in blue, but these 30 funny police fails are something that you just have to laugh at. These cop fails include bad decisions made by cops, funny arrests, and spelling errors on squad cars. Some are just funny police pictures, like the cops pulling over the Dunkin Donuts truck. Others are […]

  • 35 Funny Rule Breakers Who Violated Laws in Petty Ways

    These rebels really took it too far this time. There is breaking the rules, and then there are these petty rule breakers who are violating a small law in a funny way. It may be eating a sandwich on a plate that says pizza, or drinking Pepsi out of a Coca-Cola glass. No matter what […]

  • The 30 Best Seth Rollins Memes About The Architect

    What can you say about Seth Rollins, the architect of the WWE? These funny Seth Rollins memes describe him pretty well, and chronicle his time throughout the WWE. This list includes Seth Rollins Shield memes, as well as jokes about his feud with Lesnar, his friendship with the corporation, and more. Seth Rollins recently made […]

  • The 35 Best Triple H Memes About The Game

    If these funny Triple H memes tell us anything, it’s that the man likes to bury wrestlers at the worst possible times in their careers. We’ve collected the funniest Triple H memes about what’s best for business, him burying people, and just jokes about his long tenure as a both a wrestler and businessman in […]

  • 33 Funny Tombstones That Prove There Is Humor in the Afterlife

    As these funny tombstones prove, some people still keep their senses of humor even after passing through to the afterlife. The 33 funny epitaphs on this list are all clever in their own way, and some are even celebrity graves, including Merv Griffin and other beloved famous people. Some of the humor in these comes […]

  • 40 Insane Face Tattoos That Definitely Wont Get You a Job

    If you think face tattoos are appealing, you might be one of many people. A lot of prisoners are known to have face tattoos, which is kind of fine if they are serving life sentences anyways. Examples include the tear drop tattoo, which usually signifies that you have killed someone in your life. If you […]

  • 33 Hilarious Restaurant Signs That Would Make You Look Twice

    Every once in a while you encounter a funny fast food restaurant sign that you really makes you look twice. Sometimes these restaurant marquees are funny by accident because of a missing letter or grammar error, while other times they have a clever message or silly pun that makes you roll your eyes and smile. […]

  • 30 Hilarious Japan Memes That Are Too Weird For Words

    Every country has a reputation for something, and if these funny Japan memes prove anything, it’s that the land of rising sun is a really weird place. Whether it’s a good meanwhile in Japan meme or a funny demotivational poster about Japan, these pictures will definitely make you laugh at the absurdity of this country. […]

  • The 25 Funniest Detroit Memes That Are Too Real

    It’s one of the saddest stories of modern America, but at least these Detroit memes can help us laugh at the rundown city that was once considered the working class heart of the USA. We’ve collected the funniest Detroit memes about crime, Democrats running the city into the ground, and just the terrible state of […]

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