30 Hilarious Japan Memes That Are Too Weird For Words

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Every country has a reputation for something, and if these funny Japan memes prove anything, it’s that the land of rising sun is a really weird place. Whether it’s a good meanwhile in Japan meme or a funny demotivational poster about Japan, these pictures will definitely make you laugh at the absurdity of this country. How can you not laugh at a country that that blurs the genitals in porn? One of the memes on this list touches on that, and it makes a pretty good point.

Obviously Japan is a very nice country with friendly people and beautiful landscapes, but that doesn’t mean we can’t laugh at some of these funny Japan pictures that showcase its weird side.


1. Japanese fries are super saiyan


2.  Nothing to see here


3. Who knew?


4. Anime is real in Japan


5. Don’t worry people

Funny Japan Meme (5)


6. I have so many questions…


7. Japan is weird in case you haven’t figured that out yet


8.  This sloth gets it


9. Japan logic


10. The Pikachu army is ready


11. Not a bad way to get around


12. All that needs to be said


13. Nowhere else in the world


14. No context needed

Funny Japan Meme (14)


15. Zombie nurse parade?


16. Pokemon airlines is awesome


17. Robots need help peeing


18. Nothing out of the ordinary


19. His boobs are bigger than hers


20. Perfectly normal


21. What am I even looking at?


22. Pretty much


23. No thank you


24. Japanese game shows are full of WTF


25. Don’t even want to know


26. Sashimi man


27. Just Woody waiting for a train


28. Haha uhh what?

Funny Japan Meme (28)


29. BRB moving to Japan


30. Probably closer to 90%

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