33 Funny Tombstones That Prove There Is Humor in the Afterlife

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As these funny tombstones prove, some people still keep their senses of humor even after passing through to the afterlife. The 33 funny epitaphs on this list are all clever in their own way, and some are even celebrity graves, including Merv Griffin and other beloved famous people. Some of the humor in these comes from the funny name on the tombstone, while others have a clever epitaph written on them.

Would you want a funny gravestone when you die? I’ve never really thought about what I want mine to say, but after reading some of these I’m thinking about making it something funny.

1. Exactly


2. What a nice poem


3. What a loser


4. D’oh!


5. That’s…interesting


6. Joker finally got him


7. I bet it does

Funny Tombstone (7)


8. Some guys aren’t into butts so much…


9. But some are…


10. Told you


11. Must have eaten a lot of Taco Bell


12. Look at the first letter of each word


13. Not so much funny as it is cool


14. Eternally laughing


15. RIP Merv


16. He was right


17. We will Butt, we will


18. What a person


19. His brother was named Waffle


20. Big Wayne’s World fan


21. Do you know the Butt Brothers?


22. Excuse me?


23. He was always sick



24. RIP Rodney


25. She’s such a gossip


26. His bottom was very red


27. I see dumb people…all the time


28. Drive slowly over him


29. Hehe


30. I wonder how many are under there

Funny Tombstone (30)


31. Good friends


32. But where’s the rest of him buried?


33. The grim reaper had the wrong man

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