33 Funny Mailboxes That Your Weird Neighbors Would Have

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Why does everyone always have that one weird neighbor with the funny mailbox? In my neighborhood it was the guy across the street who had this weird pelican mailbox that stuck out like a sore thumb. Some of the funny mailboxes on this list are really clever, while others are tacky, creepy, or just plain strange.

Do you know someone with a weird mailbox? Some of the strange mailboxes on our list include a man’s butt where you insert the mail into his crack, and a giant gun that some conservative redneck in Tennessee probably owns.

1. Just your neighborhood stick man


2. Hello, my name is Harry. Put mail in my mouth


3. I need one of these


4. Please no more Minions


5. Uhh yeah just stick the mail in his butt


6. Does that thing bite?


7. This one’s actually pretty neat


8. Microwave mailbox for the win


9. Yayyy!


10. Ok this one’s just creepy

11. Insert into Taz mouth!


12. Ok you’re not getting your mail buddy


13. You’ve got moo I mean mail


14. Motor Mailbox


15. Is that from Crash Bandicoot or something?


16. Ok that one is bad to the bone


17. Up periscope!


18. Pretty cool DIY project


19. I’m guessing this person smokes


20. Feed the frog


21. Is that thing loaded?


22. What an ass

Funny Mailbox (22)


23. Converting your old Mac into a mailbox


24. Flush the junk mail


25. Batman!


26. Surf’s up!


27. This guy loves to party


28. Put the mail in my head bro


29. Your art teacher’s mailbox


30. Mini powerline is an awesome mailbox


31. Manatee mailbox for a Floridian


32. Custom snowman mailbox only good for winter months


33. Careful or it will pinch you

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