Funny Detroit Meme (10)

It’s one of the saddest stories of modern America, but at least these Detroit memes can help us laugh at the rundown city that was once considered the working class heart of the USA. We’ve collected the funniest Detroit memes about crime, Democrats running the city into the ground, and just the terrible state of affairs overall in Detroit. One meme even compares Detroit to Fallout 4, which is actually a pretty accurate comparison when you look at the picture.

One of these is a really good Detroit Lions meme, and plays off the Cecil the lion story that outraged everyone last year. If you live in Detroit, you know you can’t even get mad at these funny Detroit pictures, because they’re unfortunately all too true.

1. Poor guy


2. Great job doctors


3. It’s true, no one says that


4. Might as well be Iraq


5. The apocalypse has come


6. Baby momma


7. Nope, just Detroit


8. Fooled you!

Funny Detroit Meme (9)


9. Democrats ran the city into the ground


10. Good point


11. Detroit residents will get this


12. At least there’s that


13. Don’t do it


14. You have been warned

Funny Detroit Meme (15)


15. That’s actually pretty damn funny


16. Hopscotch in Detroit


17. Sad but true


18. You’ll get there one day Detroit


19. Sad what’s happened to this city


20. Detroit greetings card


21. Wow, a new record!


22. They need your help


23. Too much corruption in Detroit


24. Go figure


25. Shots fired at Democrats

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