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  • 20 Hilarious Hunting Jokes Every Gamesman Should Know

    The best hunting jokes are about deer hunting, angry wives, and the many funny things that come along with hunting. These are some of the funniest jokes about hunting on the internet, so bust these out on your hunting buddies next time ya’ll go shooting for the weekend. Do you know how much deer balls […]

  • The 10 Best Party Movies About Drinking and Sex

    The best party movies have a few things in common- sex, booze, and best bros being best bros. From classics like Animal House that define the party movie genre itself, to modern party movies like Seth Rogan’s Neighbors, these are 10 films that you have to see if you’re in high school or college. What […]

  • 28 Hilarious Budweiser Tattoos For Serious Beer Drinkers

    If you love Budweiser so much that you decide to get it tattooed on your body, then congratulations, you are a crazy son of a gun and I want to party with you. These 28 funny Budweiser tattoo range from pictures of cans to the Bud logo itself. There are Bud Light tattoos, awesome Anheuser-Busch tattoos, […]

  • The 10 Best Country Songs About Angels

    The best country songs about angels include hits from Martina McBride, Willie Nelson, and other legendary country artists. Sometimes country songs about angels are love songs, like in George Strait’s “Heaven Is Missing An Angel.” Other times, country songs with angel in the title can be used to represent the innocence of a woman, like in […]

  • The 9 Best Country Songs About Betrayal and Backstabbing

    What happens when a country artist is stabbed in the back by someone they love? They write a song about it of course! These are the best country songs about betrayal, including great songs from artists like Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Some of these are country songs about feeling betrayed by a […]

  • 18 Incredible Green Trucks That Are Too Cool For Words

    When we talk about green trucks, we ain’t talking about some dorky electric car! These trucks all have a green paint job, whether they’re neon green trucks, lime green, and darker shades of green too. This includes green show trucks from events like SEMA and MATS, as well as everyday custom green trucks that you […]

  • 19 Sexy Pink Trucks That Any Girl Would Want

    No one is saying that girls should only drive pink trucks, but I have a ton of female friends who would flip for some of these rides. The 19 pink trucks on this list include Pink Ford trucks, Pink Chevrolets, and even some pink classic trucks from the 1950s. Are these trucks too girly for […]

  • The 10 Best Country Songs About Eyes

    From Dolly Parton’s “Sometimes an Old Memory Gets in My Eye” to Wille Nelson’s “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain,” these are the 10 best country songs about eyes (in our humble opinion of course.) Songs about eyes are often about love, including sad breakup songs where the narrator has tears in their eye. Other […]

  • 18 Awesome Blue Trucks That Prove It’s The Best Color

    After looking at these photos, you’re going to want to get a blue truck. These awesome blue trucks include different shades of blue and many varieties of makes and models, including blue Ford trucks, blue Chevys, and more. Some of these blue trucks are even model trucks from SEMA, and maybe even a concept truck […]

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