If you’ve landed on this page, you are one of two people. If you’re the first, then you already know you have Thalassophobia, and you’re looking for pictures to trigger your own fears. If you’re the second, then you’re probably asking, “what the hell is Thaslassophobia and why do I care?”

To put it simply, Thalassophobia is a fear of the sea. Whereas Aquaphobia is a fear of water in general, Thalassophobia pertains specifically to fear of the ocean or large bodies of water. It usually involves being frightened of the unknown that lurks under the sea, including creepy deep sea creatures, giant whales, underwater gorges and more. If any of the following images make you feel uneasy or anxious, then congratulations, you probably have a minor case of Thalassophobia.





Did those pictures scare you? If not then here’s the grand finale that definitely made me feel really uneasy. Below is a bigfin squid, with tentacles estimated as a long as 23 feet. The crap that lurks in the deep sea is probably the creepiest stuff in the world, especially we may never really know what’s lurking down there.

The deep-ones are real. You better start praying to Cthulhu.

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