Trash of the Week: June 1st-June 7th

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Welcome to the newest weekly series here at Full Redneck which we are calling “Trash of the Week.” Each week we highlight terrible parents, disgusting tattoos, and even toddlers smoking cigarettes! Yes, these are indeed some of the trashiest pictures and social media posts that the world has ever seen, so sit back and enjoy the newest addition to this site.

1. Woman Poops Her Pants At The Club

Yup, you read that correctly. This is why you don’t eat too much Taco Bell before you hit the club in a tight mini-dress. The picture below seems normal at first, but look towards the bottom and you will see what looks like the chili that drips from the nacho dispenser at 7-11. Uh oh…

Apparently this woman realizes there is a problem, because she sticks her hand towards the back of her dress for a quick poop check. This is the moment where she realizes that she has released a healthy portion of doo-doo buttter all over the dance floor, and in her heels as well.

The aftermath is quite disturbing- if you were there that night and found this woman attractive, all you need to do to find her is follow the poop trail. It’s kind of like a fairy tail story, but with sh*t and alcohol.

2. This Woman’s Terrible NASCAR Tattoos

Look, I ain’t got nothing against NASCAR, and I ain’t got nothing against tattoos. But if you’re going to get a NASCAR tattoo, you better make sure it looks good. Unfortunately for the woman in this picture, hers are just awful. Actually, the tattoos themselves aren’t the worst thing I’ve ever seen, but the rolls on her back make the cars look like they’ve been through in a wreck. Could you imagine getting a girl naked and seeing this on her back?

3. Father of the Year Gives Kid Cigarettes

This one isn’t just trashy, it’s downright despicable. This Italian guido’s rings on his fingers certainly aren’t awards for Father of the Year, as he’s literally holding a cigarette to his baby’s mouth. Even if this kid isn’t inhaling anything, this is still disgusting.

4. Twinkies and Toaster Strudels

Sometimes things can be both funny and trashy, and that’s how I would classify this person’s tweet. Did I chuckle? Yes. Do I think this person is trashy? Yes. Good luck getting your Twinkie filled, lady.

5. A Trashy Visit to Grandpa’s Grave

This one kind of speaks for itself. How are you gonna visit someone’s gravestone¬†and behave like this? You’re supposed to honor the dead, not try to hump them back to life.

6. Big Bellies and Fidget Spinners

What the hell is even going on in this picture? The cashier’s face says it all as this giant-bellied man is hoisting a seemingly attractive woman face first onto his shoulders. Did he spill some of his nacho dip on her pants and is licking the rest of it up? Is he about to body slam her WWE style onto the counter? No matter what is going on, this is definitely one of the trashiest photos you will see all week.

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