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  • The 10 Best Country Songs About Wine

    Who knew there were so many good country songs about wine? “Strawberry Wine” is one of Deana Carter’s signature songs, but this list has plenty more good country songs about wine from both classic artists and modern country singers. “Wine Colored Roses” by George Jones is a song about a man who is stills suffering […]

  • The 10 Best Country Songs About Saying Goodbye

    There are so many good country songs about saying goodbye, but to be on this list the song has to have goodbye in the title. The best country songs about goodbyes usually relate to a relationship, but there are plenty of country songs about saying goodbye to a dead loved one too. Some of these […]

  • The 10 Best Country Songs About Crying

    Country music and crying go hand in hand like ketchup and french fries, so we figured we’d list our 10 favorite country songs about crying. From legends like Roy Orbison to modern artists like Sugarland, the best country songs about crying are all sad in their own ways. Johnny Cash made his career off the […]

  • Friend Laughs Hysterically as Fat Dude Tries to Exit BMW i8

    Whenever something terrible or humiliating happens, you can always count on your friends to laugh at you and delight in your misfortune. Whether you fall of your dirt bike while riding or trip on the curb while carrying beer into the house, a good friend will always make fun of you before asking if you’re […]

  • Hunter Kills Bear With Spear Throw: Internet Goes Crazy

    Remember when the internet went nuts after the whole Cecil the Lion debacle last year? Well, the newest controversy comes in the form of a bear being killed with a spear, prompting the internet to freak out in a very similar fashion. 26 year old hunter Josh Bowmar recently uploaded a video to his YouTube […]

  • The 10 Best Country Songs About Money and Being Broke

    The best country songs about money usually have to do with being broke, but at least we can all relate to them in one way or another. Songs like Marty Stuart’s “Too Much Month at the End of the Money” are great country songs about not being able to pay the bills, while Kip Moore’s […]

  • The 10 Best Country Songs About Whiskey

    For all the dark liquor lovers out there, here’s our list of the 10 best country songs about whiskey. Why does it seem like country music and whiskey go hand in hand? From David Allen Coe to Toby Keith, most of your favorite country artists have written country songs about whiskey. Whiskey is usually used […]

  • The 7 Best Country Songs About Thunder & Lightning

    Have you ever noticed how many great country songs about thunder and lightning there are? From Kane Brown’s “Thunder in the Rain” to The Cadillac Three’s “White Lightning”, there are a ton of great country songs about lightning, thunder, or even both. Sometimes country songs about thunder can be depressing- take Garth Brooks’ “The Thunder […]

  • The 20+ Funniest Caitlyn Jenner Jokes on the Internet

    How could we not make a list of the funniest Caitlyn Jenner jokes? When Bruce became Caitlyn, the jokes started flying, much to the chagrin of all the social justice warriors. Don’t let people tell you you’re “transphobic” because you find these Bruce Jenner jokes funny. Everything is fodder for humor, so enjoy these Caitlyn […]

  • The 11+ Funniest Uncle Jokes About Your Favorite Family Member

    If you have uncles that you’re close with in your life, you know just how funny they can be. We’ve put together the funniest uncle jokes on the planet, including dirty uncle jokes, long uncle jokes, and more. Almost all of these are jokes about uncles, so sit back and prepare to laugh your butt […]

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