Maylo the Dog Hides Behind a Pillow After Watching a Horror Movie

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Who said that scary movies were only for humans? Maylo the Jack Russell Terrier apparently loves watching horror movies, although he sometimes gets a little too scared of what he’s seeing.

A video surfaced recently of Maylo watching The Conjuring 2, sitting on the couch and staring intently at the horror flick. After a minute, however, Maylo gets a little too freaked out at a jump scare, as a creepy woman’s face appears on the screen. What does Maylo do when this happens? He hides behind the couch pillow, with an adorable, frightened little dog face that would warm even a serial killer’s heart.



I dug a little deeper into Maylo’s history, and found out he has his own Instagram account with some of the cutest damn dog pictures I’ve ever seen in my life. How is a canine more photogenic than me? What a world we live in, where animals have more Instagram followers than humans. These images are courtesy of Maylo’s Instagram, which you can see here.

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