The 35 Best Triple H Memes About The Game

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If these funny Triple H memes tell us anything, it’s that the man likes to bury wrestlers at the worst possible times in their careers. We’ve collected the funniest Triple H memes about what’s best for business, him burying people, and just jokes about his long tenure as a both a wrestler and businessman in the WWE. When I was a kid, Triple H was easily my favorite wrestler in WWE. DX was easily one of the coolest stables in pro wrestling history, but unfortunately none of these Triple H memes are about his time with Degeneration X.

Nowadays Hunter plays more of a managerial role in WWE, but that doesn’t mean he can’t still win titles. He did after all headline the most recent Wrestlemania, losing the title to everyone’s favorite face Roman Reigns.

1. Sorry Scoobs


2. At least things are finally starting to look better


3. Hate when that happens


4. U Mad?


5. Good Guy HHH


6. Dammit Hunter why?


7. You’d have a lot of pennies


8. I’ll bet it is


9. Always has to one up you


10. Asian dad raises a good point


11. And don’t you forget it


12. Roasted by Punk


13. Always do what’s best for business


14. It’s best for business


15. We’ve established he likes burying people, right?


16. Just in case we didn’t…


17. And here’s another Triple H bury meme


18. Tell him Daniel


19. Yes it can


20. Definitely unlocked


21. Axel is a star too!


22. Helps to be the boss


23. The Rock vs HHH was always epic


24. Aw, thanks Hunter!


25. Thor isn’t impressed


26. We’ve heard this line before


27. That would make me sad too


28. Good one


29. It was an outrage for a while

30. Uhh yeah


31. That schnoz though


32. Time to bury


33. Vince logic to HHH


34. I think he already knows them


35. When you’re lifting yourself (and he would)

Triple H Meme (35)

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