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  • The 5 Funniest Animal Farts of All Time

    Alright, it’s come to this. You’re so bored that you’re willing to watch videos of animals farting. Look, we’re not here to judge you. In fact, we’re going to encourage you to watch these hilarious animal farts, including hippo farts, rhino farts, and more. If you think your farts are loud, prepare to be put […]

  • Watch This Epic Moose Fight Break Out On An Alaskan Driveway

    If you live in Alaska, seeing a moose in your neighborhood is dime a dozen. However, it’s not everyday that you see a badass moose fight break out right in front of you. Fortunately for us, YouTube user Kelli was kind enough to upload a video of exactly that, and it’s pretty freaking epic. The sound of […]

  • Black Bear Sits In Truck And Guzzles Grape Soda

    We all know bears have a reputation for eating your food, but it isn’t often that a bear will actually climb into your truck to swipe your lunch. However that’s exactly what happened to one man in Big Canoe, Georgia this past week. Business owner Gilbert Simpson walked outside and saw the entire incident go […]

  • Gorilla Gives The Middle Finger To Annoying Photographer

    You ever gone to the zoo and been disappointed that the animals were so damn boring? It’s like yeah those tigers are cool, but I don’t give a damn about watching them sleep. Luckily for Bob Pitchford, he got his money’s worth last week at the Bristol Zoo in England, when he captured a gorilla […]

  • 53 Insane Animal Hybrids We Wish Were Real

    Have you ever wondered what a frog and a shark would look like if you crossed them together? I guess it doesn’t really matter, because you’re about to find out either way.   Here are 53 fake animal hybrids that are sure to freak you out. This list showcases the best animal combinations we’ve ever seen, with […]

  • 17 Animals Who Did Something And Instantly Regretted It

    We all have regrets in life- that final drink you shouldn’t have had, that questionable person you shouldn’t have hooked up with. But who would have thought that animals also regret things on a daily basis? I mean I thought being an animal was easy, especially if you’re someone’s pet. You eat, sleep, and occasionally […]

  • Woman Gets Attacked By Crazy Ass Chickens

    It took thousands of years, but the chickens are finally fighting back. How long did they just peck at the dirt like idiots, waiting to be sent to the slaughterhouse so some obese toddler in Pittsburgh could have shake and bake for dinner? These chickens are bad ass because they’re not going down without a […]