30 Hilarious Police FAILs That Prove Cops Aren’t Perfect

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We love our boys in blue, but these 30 funny police fails are something that you just have to laugh at. These cop fails include bad decisions made by cops, funny arrests, and spelling errors on squad cars. Some are just funny police pictures, like the cops pulling over the Dunkin Donuts truck. Others are funny stories about police fails, like the cops who investigated a movie set for 8 hours because they thought it was a real murder scene.

With all the sensationalist nonsense about police brutality these days, cops have become an enemy in the eyes of certain people, which is really sickening. Sure there are bad police officers, but the majority of them risk their lives everyday for your safety. They charge into bullet storms to put bad guys away, and they deserve our respect. That isn’t to say that we can’t laugh on the police fails on this list though, so enjoy.

1. Was the director’s chair not a hint?


2. I have an idea…


3. I’m sure you could get away


4. When your cop car gets booted


5. That’s gotta be a bad neighborhood


6. Spelling fail


7. That’s not keeping anyone out


8. Why did the cop cross the road?


9. You’re wearing that upside down bub


10. Very responsible


11. Do you know why I pulled you over sir?


12. When your pants fall down during an important mission


13. The Segway squad is coming!


14. What did Ronald do wrong?


15. Hahaha wow, when the police horse rides you


16. Don’t you guys have better people to arrest?


17. The Flippin Cops are here!


18. Uh really?


19. Bad boy!


20. Sir, have you been drinking?


21. Good guy business owner


22. I think you forgot something at the gas station officer


23. Uhh we’re gonna need some backup here

Funny Police Fail (23)


24. Undercover fail


25. Learn to ride a bike first


26. Looks like the road wasn’t done officer


27. It’s got a gun!


28. Pull over sir!


29. How can you arrest your brother?


30. Please don’t run away, cause I can’t catch you in this

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