35 Funny Rule Breakers Who Violated Laws in Petty Ways

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These rebels really took it too far this time. There is breaking the rules, and then there are these petty rule breakers who are violating a small law in a funny way. It may be eating a sandwich on a plate that says pizza, or drinking Pepsi out of a Coca-Cola glass. No matter what it is, there’s no denying these funny rule breakers just want to see the world burn. Sometimes I drink soda out of a water glass at places like Chipotle, so I can totally relate to some of these edgy people.

Which one of these is your favorite funny petty crime? I personally like the man thinking about the thermostat (you’ll laugh when you see it, I promise.)

1. Take that red square


2. Oh you dangerous man


3. More like Tiger by Safari


4. A fair response


5. That seat isn’t for you!


6. You can’t restrain a tree


7. Get those away from him!


8. Best response ever


9. Don’t tell me where to put my stamp


10. Sandwich on pizza plate


11. Perfect


12. You’re not supposed to do that there!


13. That’s right


14. Step anyways


15. You’re supposed to wait one more minute!

Funny Rule Breakers (15)


16. I’m so confused


17. He’s thinking about it!


18. Totally got you


19. Even birds are petty rule breakers


20. Arnold you bad boy!


21. All that’s missing is the squirrel


22. What a rebellious album


23. So you do then huh?


24. You’re not taking the book’s advice!


25. More like Take 6


26. Rebelling against bread


27. Rebel tourist shirt


28. Rebel family


29. Someone take her to jail


30. Oh yes there is


31. Or don’t, whatever


32. But it’s upside down


33. What does that sign even mean?


34. So many Bills


35. Or adult spot, whatever

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