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  • 17 Hilarious Democrat Memes To Laugh At Now That They’re Out of Power

    Well, it actually happened. In 2016, Donald Trump shocked the world when he handily defeated Hillary Clinton in the Presidential Election. Not only that, but Republicans won both the House and Senate, which is why we’re laughing at these hilarious Democrat memes. From Democrat logic to reasons why Democrats are stupid, these funny liberal memes […]

  • 25 Hilarious Tim Kaine Memes That Tear Him Apart

    With all the potential VP nominees, how did Tim Kaine end up as the choice for Hillary Clinton? These funny Tim Kaine memes make fun of him in a big way, including comparisons to the Mayor of Whoville, the Keebler Elf, a snowman, and much more. This hyper, liberal squirrel man got his butt handed […]

  • 30+ Hilarious Mustang Memes About Their Constant Crashes

    Before we start ripping Mustangs with these hilarious Mustang memes, let’s just clarify one thing- responsible Mustang owners do exist. That being said, if you go to YouTube and type in “Mustang crash,” you will find an entire days worth of videos that show Mustangs crashing into crowds of people, other cars, and barricades. These […]

  • The 22 Funniest Prius Memes That Make Fun of Hybrids

    The idea of the Prius is a good one- save money on gas, and put a little less strain on the environment. However, as these funny Prius memes prove, no car is safe from the wrath of the internet. These are the 22 best Prius memes we could find, making fun of how the Prius […]

  • 22 Hilarious VW Memes About Diesel Emissions and More

    VW memes used to be about German engineering and check engine lights, but these days there are a ton of them about their lawsuit involving the emissions on their diesel cars. Now involved in a class action lawsuit, VW is in hot water for cheating the results of their diesel emissions tests on their Jetta […]

  • 21 Hilarious Honda Memes About VTEC, Exhaust, and More

    Ever wonder why there are so many Honda haters out there in the universe? These funny Honda memes do a decent job explaining why, but mostly they’re just here to take a jab at Civic owners with giant exhaust and riced up vehicles that aren’t actually that fast. A lot of these anti-Honda memes compare […]

  • The 18 Best Subaru Memes About Japan’s Greatest Export

    Subaru owners are one of kind, and these funny Subaru memes were created especially for them. Some of these might be anti-Subaru memes, but most of them are just jokes about what it’s like to drive one of Japan’s greatest exports. Known for their ability as great rally cars, you don’t often see someone driving […]

  • 20+ Hilarious Target Memes That Perfectly Describe Shopping There

    How many times has this happened to you- all you need is toothpaste and cat food, but you go to Target and somehow end up spending over $200 on random stuff. The best Target memes describe that experience perfectly, because in all honesty it almost always seems to happen. Other funny Target memes reference how […]

  • 25+ Funny Passive Aggressive Dog Poop Signs Left by Ticked Off Neighbors

    If you have a neighbor who doesn’t pick up after their dog’s crap, then this list is for you. These funny dog poop notes are about as creative as they come, running the gambit from passive aggressive dog poop notes to more direct approaches designed to shame the owner. After all, it’s hard to be […]

  • 25+ Funny Coffee Memes For Caffeine Addicts Everywhere

    When someone says they don’t want to talk to you until they’ve had their morning coffee, they probably mean it. The funniest coffee memes perfectly describe most of us caffeine addicts perfectly, whether we’re angry because you forgot to bring the coffee or we simply haven’t had enough yet to want to strike up a […]

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