20+ Hilarious Target Memes That Perfectly Describe Shopping There

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How many times has this happened to you- all you need is toothpaste and cat food, but you go to Target and somehow end up spending over $200 on random stuff. The best Target memes describe that experience perfectly, because in all honesty it almost always seems to happen. Other funny Target memes reference how much better the store is than their competitor Wal-Mart, which is known to have a sleazier audience filled with white trash and rascal scooters. Let’s face it- Target is a little more upscale than Wally World, but these Target memes also make fun of the people that think they’re really fancy because they’re shopping there.

Memes about Target are almost always positive, but there are a few anti-Target memes here too. Why do they sometimes have so few registers open when its super busy? I don’t feel like this happens a lot when I go there, but you’ll find some references to that below.

1. Nerds will get this onefunny-target-meme-1

2. Good guy Targetfunny-target-meme-2

3. This is 100% accuratefunny-target-meme-3

4. I doubt any Target employees actually feel like thisfunny-target-meme-4

5. Story of my lifefunny-target-meme-5

6. Just don’t wear khakis toofunny-target-meme-6

7. But I just came for cat food!funny-target-meme-7

8. Target acquiredfunny-target-meme-8

9. Yeah no big deal, it’s pretty fancy thoughfunny-target-meme-9

10. Why is it always like this?funny-target-meme-10

11. That’s just wrong Targetfunny-target-meme-11

12. So relatable

13. Every single timefunny-target-meme-13

14. Aim was just a little offfunny-target-meme-14

15. They say it’s more convenient but it’s really notfunny-target-meme-15

16. Seems like a logical swap of itemsfunny-target-meme-16

17. Supfunny-target-meme-17

18. Frodo will be there in 10funny-target-meme-18

19. It’s well worth the moneyfunny-target-meme-19

20. Super Target is lifefunny-target-meme-20

21. The saddest aisle in Target

22. No they do notfunny-target-meme-22

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