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  • The 26 Funniest Bill Clinton Memes on the Internet

    What is it about a good Bill Clinton meme that makes us laugh so hard? This list gathers the funniest Bill Clinton memes on the internet, making light of all Slick Willy’s shortcomings. Whether it was his scandal with Monica Lewinsky or his strained relationship with Hillary, Bill Clinton memes are almost always hilarious. Ever […]

  • The 26 Funniest Black Lives Matter Memes That Expose the Movement

    It’s pretty sad that if you disagree with black lives matter, you’re automatically labeled a racist. These 26 hilarious black lives matter memes expose the hypocrisy of the movement, including memes about rioting, looting, and just not giving a damn about black lives when their death isn’t at the hands of a white police officer. […]

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    The 20+ Hottest Volleyball Players on the Planet

      There are two different kinds of volleyball fans. People who actually love the sport, and men who just enjoy the hottest volleyball players in their skimpy outfits. Hot volleyball players come in all shapes in sizes- there are hot college volleyball players, beach players, and everything in between. There have been a ton of […]

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    The 25 Funniest Trivia Team Names For Your Next Trivia Night

    If you frequent trivia night at your local bar often, you know how important funny trivia team names are. Whether you win or lose, you want to do it in style with good team names that will at the very least make everyone at the pub laugh. Sometimes the best trivia team names make a […]

  • Average Joes Delivers Again With Mud Digger 7

    It’s that time of year again- Mud Digger is back. Featuring bangers from Colt Ford, The LACS, Moonshine Bandits, and more, Average Joes Entertainment once again shows why they are the premier country rap label with the release of Mud Digger 7. A staple from Average Joes, the 7th iteration in their Mud Digger series is so […]

  • Dogs Show Their Guilt When Owner Confronts Them Over Chewed Shoes

    Isn’t it crazy how dogs always know when they did something wrong? We all remember the story of Denver, a guilty dog that went viral when his owner recorded his reaction after getting into the “kitty cat treats.” When confronted with their wrong-doings, dogs have a tendency to hide their faces from the accuser, avoiding eye […]

  • 30+ Literal Cake Fails From Really Dumb Bakeries

    When you look at these literal cake fails, it’s hard to imagine that the bakers didn’t do them on purpose out of spite. How do you make a cake with the literal wording the person gave you, when it’s so obvious that it’s the instructions of what they actually want on the cake? Maybe the […]

  • 35 Inappropriate License Plates That Made It Past the DMV

    It’s pretty astonishing how many inappropriate license plates seem to make it past the DMV. Sure their employees are often uneducated and certainly under-payed, but how many funny license plates need to slip by before someone gets fired? When you see someone apply for a vanity plate that says “DZ Nutz,” doesn’t an alarm go […]

  • The 20+ Funniest Mannequins Ever Spotted in Department Stores

    It’s not everyday you see a funny mannequin at the department store, but luckily for you we’ve got the funniest ones ever seen in public right here on this page. What are the backstories behind these creepy mannequins? Some are mannequins posed in funny positions or scenarios, while others are just scary mannequins that look […]

  • Kid Gets Walloped by Cows in the Background of an Interview

    If you’ve ever worked in a stable, you know that there are just some animals that don’t feel like putting up with your crap sometimes (even though you put up with their literal crap on a daily basis.) While a young kid is giving an interview to a local news station, one of his barn […]

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