The 22 Funniest Prius Memes That Make Fun of Hybrids

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The idea of the Prius is a good one- save money on gas, and put a little less strain on the environment. However, as these funny Prius memes prove, no car is safe from the wrath of the internet. These are the 22 best Prius memes we could find, making fun of how the Prius looks, how expensive it is, and who drives it. If you said that 90 of Prius drivers are liberal, I would probably say the number is higher. After all, liberals are often the ones who are championing for cleaner cars, even if they do end up looking like giant douches while doing so. One of these Hybrid memes pictures a Prius littered with “end war” stickers, proving my point.

If you drive a Prius, take these with a grain of salt. Personally none of us really care how you get from point A to point B, as long as you don’t think you’re better than everyone because you drive a Hybrid. Memes about Prius cars are generally pretty lighthearted, so need to blast us in the comments if you happen to own one.

1. You can’t sneak up on a Prius like that!funny-prius-meme-1

2. Not exactly the prettiest carsfunny-prius-meme-2

3. It’s always Prius hunting season

4. Even dead people don’t want to be caught in a Priusfunny-prius-meme-4

5. Maybe it’s a just a meeting of the virginsfunny-prius-meme-5

6. 100% Accuratefunny-prius-meme-6

7. Forget turbo chargingfunny-prius-meme-7

8. That’s one way to put itfunny-prius-meme-8

9. OK I laughed at this one I admit itfunny-prius-meme-9

10. Hmm what could it be?funny-prius-meme-10

11. That’s just redundant as hellfunny-prius-meme-11

12. I thought mother nature was supposed to like these thingsfunny-prius-meme-12

13. Doing it wrong as usualfunny-prius-meme-13

14. I wonder if there’s a liberal inside (joking)funny-prius-meme-14

15. Some people delight in seeing thisfunny-prius-meme-15

16. No big dealfunny-prius-meme-16

17. You’re not really helping the environmentfunny-prius-meme-17

18. We’ll burn the gas you’re saving anywaysfunny-prius-meme-18

19. Fair enoughfunny-prius-meme-19

20. Bad luck Brian strikes out againfunny-prius-meme-20

21. That’s cutefunny-prius-meme-21

22. The default meme for making fun of car makesfunny-prius-meme-22

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