22 Hilarious VW Memes About Diesel Emissions and More

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VW memes used to be about German engineering and check engine lights, but these days there are a ton of them about their lawsuit involving the emissions on their diesel cars. Now involved in a class action lawsuit, VW is in hot water for cheating the results of their diesel emissions tests on their Jetta TDI models. These funny Volkswagen memes are undeniable, even if you drive a Jetta or Passat. Why the heck is the check engine light always on? Even when you take it to VW to get it fixed, they usually just end up turning if off with their computer and telling you that everything is fine.

There are a few VW Hitler memes on this list, so try not to be offended. Hitler did kind of come up with the idea for Volkswagen after all. He wanted a car for the people that even the middle class could afford. Volkswagen translated to English literally means “car of the people.” That said, you don’t have to feel like a Nazi sympathizer if you drive a VW- but you do have to laugh at these memes and jokes about Volkswagen.

1. One of many VW emissions memesfunny-vw-meme-1

2. VW is like you’re just dreaming, go back to sleep!

3. Sad but truefunny-vw-meme-3

4. I drive a TDI, can confirm

5. The diesel emissions checkerfunny-vw-meme-5

6. The check engine light is always on in Volkswagon’sfunny-vw-meme-6

7. Again, the check engine light is permanently onfunny-vw-meme-7

8. And it can fly!funny-vw-meme-8

9. The difference is night and dayfunny-vw-meme-9

10. For years and yearsfunny-vw-meme-10

11. It’s true

epa04297145 CEO†of Volkswagen AG Martin Winterkorn arrives for the presentation of the new Volkswagen Passat at the Volkswagen design center in Potsdam, Germany, 03 July 2014. The new generation of the middle-class model Passat will be presented to the public later in the evening. EPA/RALF HIRSCHBERGER

12.Gordon Ramsay with the burn


13. Checkmate Wonkafunny-vw-meme-13

14. You’re all driving Hiter-mobilesfunny-vw-meme-14

15. That’s a big passfunny-vw-meme-15

16. Employee of the monthfunny-vw-meme-16

17. That’s what you call horsepowerfunny-vw-meme-17

18. Sad but truefunny-vw-meme-18

19. The emissions are super clean

20. It’s definitely a passfunny-vw-meme-20

21. Better take it to VW so they can charge me to turn it offfunny-vw-meme-21

22. OK this one is a little too dark

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