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  • 21 Hilarious Honda Memes About VTEC, Exhaust, and More

    Ever wonder why there are so many Honda haters out there in the universe? These funny Honda memes do a decent job explaining why, but mostly they’re just here to take a jab at Civic owners with giant exhaust and riced up vehicles that aren’t actually that fast. A lot of these anti-Honda memes compare […]

  • The 18 Best Subaru Memes About Japan’s Greatest Export

    Subaru owners are one of kind, and these funny Subaru memes were created especially for them. Some of these might be anti-Subaru memes, but most of them are just jokes about what it’s like to drive one of Japan’s greatest exports. Known for their ability as great rally cars, you don’t often see someone driving […]

  • The Best Racing Games for Xbox One

    So you finally made the jump from Xbox 360 to Xbox One, and now you want to know what racing games you should buy. Fortunately we’ve played every racing title available for the console, and are happy to pass along our recommendations for the best Xbox One racing games. It might seem obvious what the […]

  • Idiot Lamborghini Owner Accidentally Torches Car To The Ground

    Well, it’s happened again. Another douchebag has burned his Lambo to the ground, all for the sake of showing off. As seen in the video above, the yellow Lamborghini is driving on a busy road in Dubai, and eventually pulls up to a stop light. The car in front of him appears to be taking […]

  • Man In Thailand Caught Having Sex With A Porsche

    Just when you think you’ve seen it all, a story like this comes along and slaps you back to reality. Somewhere in Thailand yesterday, a man was caught sneaking into an auto garage and sexually assaulting a Porsche 911. The CCTV video, which was uploaded to LiveLeak, first captures the man snooping around outside, on […]