17 Hilarious Democrat Memes To Laugh At Now That They’re Out of Power

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Well, it actually happened. In 2016, Donald Trump shocked the world when he handily defeated Hillary Clinton in the Presidential Election. Not only that, but Republicans won both the House and Senate, which is why we’re laughing at these hilarious Democrat memes. From Democrat logic to reasons why Democrats are stupid, these funny liberal memes are definitely worth sharing with that one annoying uncle who always ruins Thanksgiving dinner by bringing up social activism or other leftist bull crap.

If you’re a lefty and you ended up on this page- don’t be so serious! This is all meant to be good fun, but consider this your “trigger warning.” We make fun of our own too! Check out our page of funny Donald Trump jokes if you don’t believe us.

1. Raising their kids rightfunny-democrat-meme-1

2. Handouts for lifefunny-democrat-meme-2

3. No room for illegal immigrants in a welfare statefunny-democrat-meme-3

4. Scumbag Steve is definitely a Demfunny-democrat-meme-4

5. Please just take everything from mefunny-democrat-meme-5

6. The hypocrisy is strongfunny-democrat-meme-6

7. And Republicans freed the slaves, true story!funny-democrat-meme-7

8. Boy is finally starting to wise upfunny-democrat-meme-8

9. Hiding in his liberal bubblefunny-democrat-meme-9

10. Why work when you can collect welfare?funny-democrat-meme-10

11. When will they realize they’re being used?funny-democrat-meme-11

12. The only experience liberal kids have with Foxfunny-democrat-meme-12

13. Everyone finally listened!funny-democrat-meme-13

14. It’s a magical place where unicorns fart goldfunny-democrat-meme-14

15. Yupfunny-democrat-meme-15

16. It’s the Democrat way!funny-democrat-meme-16

17. Democrat leaders these dayfunny-democrat-meme-17

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