25+ Funny Passive Aggressive Dog Poop Signs Left by Ticked Off Neighbors

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If you have a neighbor who doesn’t pick up after their dog’s crap, then this list is for you. These funny dog poop notes are about as creative as they come, running the gambit from passive aggressive dog poop notes to more direct approaches designed to shame the owner. After all, it’s hard to be mad at the dog when it’s the owner’s responsibility to pick up after their dirty deeds. These dog poop signs are directed at the owners, but it’s understandable that you’d be mad at the dog too (even if it isn’t their fault.)

In need of some clever dog poop note ideas? You’ll definitely find them below. From people who use poo emojis to framed notices that threaten to throw the dung on the owners doorstep, these funny dog poop signs represent the collective frustration of people who have had enough of seeing doo doo on their beautiful lawns. Fortunately where I live there are bag stations on the sidewalk in case the owners forget to bring one themselves, but really there is no excuse for that in the first place. We had FullRedneck believe that neglecting to pick up after your dog’s crap should be a $5,000 fine so that no one would even think about doing it, but unfortunately it’s just not that high.

1. Sunny days are supposed to be cheerfulfunny-passive-aggressive-dog-poop-notes-1

2. Photograph and everythingfunny-passive-aggressive-dog-poop-notes-2

3. Clever use of emojisfunny-passive-aggressive-dog-poop-notes-3

4. I think you left something of yours…funny-passive-aggressive-dog-poop-notes-4

5. That wouldn’t be a pretty sightfunny-passive-aggressive-dog-poop-notes-5

6. But then you have to pick it up with your handsfunny-passive-aggressive-dog-poop-notes-6

7. That lawn is too nice to get pooped on!funny-passive-aggressive-dog-poop-notes-7

8. Shouldn’t it go…you know…in there?funny-passive-aggressive-dog-poop-notes-8

9. You shouldn’t havefunny-passive-aggressive-dog-poop-notes-9

10. Don’t want to be on the wall of shamefunny-passive-aggressive-dog-poop-notes-10

11. That’s just lazyfunny-passive-aggressive-dog-poop-notes-11

12. Only a real saint would do this!funny-passive-aggressive-dog-poop-notes-12

13. Going full passive aggressive with the WiFifunny-passive-aggressive-dog-poop-notes-13

14. Clever cleverfunny-passive-aggressive-dog-poop-notes-14

15. You sure the kid is potty trained?funny-passive-aggressive-dog-poop-notes-15

16. Butt bites lolfunny-passive-aggressive-dog-poop-notes-16

17. This one is nice and detailedfunny-passive-aggressive-dog-poop-notes-17

18. The old little flag methodfunny-passive-aggressive-dog-poop-notes-18

19. That escalated quicklyfunny-passive-aggressive-dog-poop-notes-19

20. This one is even framedfunny-passive-aggressive-dog-poop-notes-20

21. Gotta love the Mr. Clean logo at the bottom

22. This person has nice handwritingfunny-passive-aggressive-dog-poop-notes-22

23. Dog poop is literally causing spousal argumentsfunny-passive-aggressive-dog-poop-notes-23

24. Would be nice if dog poop just melted awayfunny-passive-aggressive-dog-poop-notes-24

25. Plot twist- the poop belongs to a cat in this onefunny-passive-aggressive-dog-poop-notes-25

26. The most passive aggressive note on this listfunny-passive-aggressive-dog-poop-notes-26

27. Bringing politics into itfunny-passive-aggressive-dog-poop-notes-27

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