The 18 Best Subaru Memes About Japan’s Greatest Export

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Subaru owners are one of kind, and these funny Subaru memes were created especially for them. Some of these might be anti-Subaru memes, but most of them are just jokes about what it’s like to drive one of Japan’s greatest exports. Known for their ability as great rally cars, you don’t often see someone driving a Subaru WRX (or any Subaru for that matter) during your daily commute. Some of these are Evo vs Lancer memes since the two cars are often compared to one another.

Do you drive a Subaru? Shares these memes about Subaru with your friends if you like them. There’s bound to be at least one or two that you laughed it, or else I didn’t do a good job collecting these for you. What kind of face do you make when a cop asks you why fire is coming out of the back of your car? Scroll down to find out!

1. God loves Subaru’sfunny-subaru-meme-1

2. This is what they’re truly meant forfunny-subaru-meme-2

3. Let’s hope this never happens to youfunny-subaru-meme-3

4. Dr. Evil wants to knowfunny-subaru-meme-4

5. Forever alone with your four wheel drivefunny-subaru-meme-5

6. Enjoy your inferior vehicle Evo owners!funny-subaru-meme-6

7. No explanation neededfunny-subaru-meme-7

8. I don’t really have a good answer for you officerfunny-subaru-meme-8

9. Spotted the Subaru fan boyfunny-subaru-meme-9

10. Shots firedfunny-subaru-meme-10

11. You can hear it from miles awayfunny-subaru-meme-11

12. Not with a Monster hoodie you don’tfunny-subaru-meme-12

13. Wow my mind is blown…funny-subaru-meme-13

14. Posers be likefunny-subaru-meme-14

15. Sorry neighbors!funny-subaru-meme-15

16. Trying to fit in with the cool kidsfunny-subaru-meme-16

17. Just a Subaru being badass, that’s allfunny-subaru-meme-17

18. Muddier than your truckfunny-subaru-meme-18

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