21 Hilarious Honda Memes About VTEC, Exhaust, and More

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Ever wonder why there are so many Honda haters out there in the universe? These funny Honda memes do a decent job explaining why, but mostly they’re just here to take a jab at Civic owners with giant exhaust and riced up vehicles that aren’t actually that fast. A lot of these anti-Honda memes compare the cars to lawn mowers, which is pretty damn funny unless you drive one yourself. Honda VTEC memes are pretty funny too. Why does it seem like all Civic drivers are Mexicans and emo white kids? I can’t answer that for you, but maybe you can shed some lights in the comments.

Before you get mad at us, just know that we have meme pages for just about every car brand that exists. If you can’t laugh at yourself a little bit, you’re taking life too seriously. These Honda jokes aren’t meant to be taken seriously, so don’t embarrass yourself by leaving a lengthy comment below defending your rice rocket. The world deserves these funny Honda Civic exhaust memes, even if they are just haters.

1. Why do emo kids love Honda?funny-honda-meme-1

2. A valid question

3. An easy mistake to makefunny-honda-meme-3

4. Fastest car on the lawn

5. No but somehow they always make it workfunny-honda-meme-5

6. The louder the faster, duhfunny-honda-meme-6

7. Too soon juniorfunny-honda-meme-7

8. But did you put flame decals on the sides?funny-honda-meme-8

9. The owners are “slow” too if you catch my driftfunny-honda-meme-9

10. Easy to confuse the twofunny-honda-meme-10

11. Sad but truefunny-honda-meme-11

12. Ask her to prove it brofunny-honda-meme-12

13. Mountain Dew faster than Honda’s confirmedfunny-honda-meme-13

14. Needs to be lowered morefunny-honda-meme-14

15. Even with a 400 pound fatso driving itfunny-honda-meme-15

16. You certainly don’t help the causefunny-honda-meme-16

17. Not eve Chuck Norris can do the impossiblefunny-honda-meme-17

18. How embarrassingfunny-honda-meme-18

19. He probably actually doesfunny-honda-meme-19

20. The actual definition of catbackfunny-honda-meme-20

21. Pretty muchfunny-honda-meme-21

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