In perhaps one of the ballsiest moves of 2015, a man in Brazil thought it was a good idea to transport his truck onto a ship using nothing but wooden boards to make his way aboard. Never mind how he even positioned himself on that dock to be able to do this, but this man actually has the testicular fortitude to drive his truck across some flimsy ass boards to make it onto this ship.

I know what you’re feeling as you watch this video, especially if you drive a nice truck. You’re tensing up, bracing yourself for what’s about to happen to this poor vehicle. You’re thinking to yourself, “why in God’s name would someone risk their truck like this?” You’ve seen too many YouTube videos where someone does something stupid as hell, only to get owned in the worst way possible. Well, this video certainly does have a twist ending, but I won’t spoil that for you. It’s only a minute long, so watch ’til the end and see for yourself.

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