If it’s one thing that Walmart is really known for, it’s trashy customers. When you have the cheapest prices around, you’re bound to attract some unsavory characters, and those said characters are bound to get into fights. We’ve compiled the best Walmart fights of all time, including white trash throwdowns, ghetto brawls, and sometimes an amazing combination of both. One of these women even gets her young son involved, and this sonofabitch is pretty mean with a shampoo bottle. If that doesn’t make any sense, just check out the trashiest Walmart fights below.

1. White Trash Brawl In Beechwood, Indiana

The brawl between these two women at a Walmart in Beechwood, Indiana is the latest Walmart fight to make a viral splash. The cameraman himself declares “this is white trash at its finest” while he’s filming the events, and boy is he not lying. The fight is between two trashy, overweight women, but the sickening part about this one is that one of the women gets her young son involved in the melee. Watch the video and you’ll see that this kid has a really sad future ahead of him, which may or may not involve beating people over the head with a bottle of shampoo.


2. Two vs One Cage Match At Unknown Location

Is this a trashy Walmart fight, or a pro wrestling match? Believe it or not, this ghetto brawl at an unknown Walmart in April 2015 actually gets one of the pull down cages involved, and at one point there is definitely some kind of sleeper hold being applied to the recipient of this ass whooping. There is even a woman involved in the action, who seemingly only added fuel to the fire the entire time. Why are you always getting us in fights ladies? Vince McMahon would be proud of this one, so don’t be surprised if WWE signs them.


3. Insane Brawl in Charlotte, North Carolina Walmart

This particular incident is especially crazy because it involves Walmart security. It appears in the beginning of the video that a fight is breaking out between the white guy and the 3-4 black guys, but when the big security guard in white gets involved, a few of the attackers turn their attention towards him. The white boy ends up with a ripped shirt and some scratches, but it could have been a lot worse if the security guard didn’t step in.


4. Walmart Employees Turn On Each Other

Great, now even fewer cash registers will be open. These two women at a Walmart in Whitehall, Pennsylvania, decided they couldn’t stand working with one another anymore, and decided to settle it with their fists. The fight goes down in the women’s clothing department, so you can stare at cheap bras on the wall while the action goes down. Enjoy!


5. The White Trash Headbutt Heard Round The World

What is it with employees at Walmart getting into physical altercations? This Deer Park, Texas fight involves a white trash lady and a sassy black woman who works at Walmart. For an employee this woman is completely out of line, flipping out and getting in the customer’s face after being called a bitch. The customer then delivers a white trash headbutt from hell, stunning the woman and causing her to open a can of whoop-ass.


6. Deadly Shooting in Cottonwood, AZ

This one is pretty insane, and there is death involved (although you don’t really see the shooting). It all started when officers attempted to separate a family so they could question them one by one. When one of the men objects to this, the confrontation suddenly turns physical, and an all out brawl breaks out. It seems that batons, stun guns and pepper spray aren’t enough to handle this crazy family, and eventually one of the men is shot and killed.


7. Another Ghetto Brawl in Pineville, Louisiana

In yet another fight between an employee and a customer (are you seeing a trend with this list?), this video features weaves being ripped out, coins hitting the floor, and an eventual breakup from a police officer. After all the hair is ripped out, the Walmart floor looks like a barber shot, with random clumps of hair all over the place. Way to stay classy ladies, way to stay classy.


8. A Literal Lights Out Brawl At Unknown Walmart

Ah, the Walmart break room around the holiday season. The Christmas tree is up, there are snacks for the employees to enjoy, aaaaand there’s a fight. This 1v1 between two Walmart employees is so electrifying that the lights go out about 10 seconds into it. What’s even more curious is that one of the women appears to have some kind of doo doo stain on the back of her pants when the lights do come back on.


9. Badass Good Citizen Stops Couple From Shoplifting

Have you ever been slammed up against one of those 25 cent toy machines? Well the wimp in this video has. Watch this dude gets manhandled by a good samaritan after him and his girl try to steal some paper towels. In the end he runs away like a little girl, while the cameraman and his friends laugh at the man’s cowardice.


10.Dragged Out Brawl Over Last Copy of GTA V

Damn Rockstar, people really like playing your games. They like them so much that they’re willing to get into physical altercations over them, as these idiots did at a Walmart in an unknown location. It appears that the fight begins with a two young men, but eventually one of the guys father steps in and begins to tangle with his sons foe. While the two are grappling the son takes some cheap shots, and eventually the fight is dragged out into the entrance room before finally broken up.


11. 2v2 Sassy Black Woman Showdown

C’mon ladies, this ain’t Tekken Tag Tournament. This scrap is a two for one, with some of the best tag-team action you’ll ever see in a Walmart fight. It’s not very long, but you’ll still get your fill of dumb, tasteless people who show us that there’s no such thing as shame.

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