When it comes to keeping cool during the summer months, rednecks don’t exactly have memberships to country clubs. To beat the heat in the south you’ve got to be clever, no matter how ridiculous it may look. Sometimes it involves throwing a tarp in your truck bed, while other times it’s just filling a garbage can up with water. Either way, if you’ve ever done anything in the pictures below, then you’ve definitely gone full redneck.

Euro Redneck Heineken Pool

One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Pool

Haystack Swimming

No Dumpster Diving Allowed

That Water Looks Clean

Ok These People Seriously Went Full Redneck

First Of Many Redneck Truck Pools

Here’s Another One

These Guys Have Personal Ones

Even The Old Folk Are Doing It

Doesn’t Have To Be A Truck

Bonus Points For BBQ

These Guys Are Barbecuing In The Actual Pool

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