If you’re like me, then you’re on the fence about having children one day. I mean do I really want to create a spawn of myself that will inevitably grow up to be just as crappy as I am? Below we’ve given you 32 reasons why you shouldn’t have children, featuring pictures of kids ruining furniture, destroying TVs, and coloring all over your truck. Do we really need that in our lives?

1. Look What I Made Dad!


2. Too Early To Be Fooling With Powder


3. Another Ruined TV, With Ruined Floor Bonus


4. This Kid Ruined Your Couch And Doesn’t Regret A Thing


5. This Is What You Can Look Forward To With Kids


6. Aw, They Wrote You A Note On Your Van!


7. Hey At Least It’s Just A Ford (jk relax people)


8. All That Ruining Your Stuff Really Tuckered Him Out


9. Hmm I Wonder What’s In This Bean Bag?


10. Hope You Didn’t Want To Read Any Of Those

11. Some Kids Are Worse Than Cats When It Comes To Toilet Paper

12. Alright, Breakfast Time!


13. Flour Can Be Fun In The Living Room Too!


14. Little Savages Picking The Couch Apart


15. At Least She Kept The Flour In The Kitchen

16. Want A New PS4? Too Bad You Have To Buy A New Carpet

17. Little Monsters Broke The Toilet


18. They Draw On Your Sh*t And It’s Not Even Good Artwork

19. Even Your Dog Thinks You Shouldn’t Have Kids

20. Sometimes They Turn On Each Other

21. Another Dog Victim

22. Your Chevy Is Boring, It Needs Some Red

23. We Fed The Dogs, No Need To Thank Us!

24. What Is With Giving Babies Paint? Not A Smart Move

25. Just Trying To Become Immune To Peanut Allergies


26. This Is The Guilty Look You’ll Be Looking At For 18 Years

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