On November 21st, someone posted this very funny looking cat to the /r/photoshopbattles subreddit, a community where people take images and turn them into hilarious photoshops.

Within an hour there were a ton of hilarious shops, bringing us to tears and prompting us to feature our favorite ones on this page. If you’ve never checked out /r/photoshopbattles, I highly recommend it; there is really high quality stuff every single day and the members who contribute often are really talented with photoshop.

1. Selfie Stick

Created by: Criticalg

2. Mortal Kombat Cat

Created by: BanksAndTanks


3. Meowchael Jackson

Created by: cruiznjosh


4. The Impossible Shot

Created by: gnostic_cat


5. Karate on the Beach

Created by: WhyMentionMyUsername


6. Kung-Fu Is Too Strong

Created by: davepollotart


7. It Had To Be Done

Created by: lulzy12


8. The Traitor Napoleon Cat

Created by: port443


9. The Spoiled King

Created by: blue_awning


10. The Heisman Trophy Cat

Created by: dwightsnewface


11. You Shall Not Pass!

Created by: s3w4g3


12. Another Shaolin Kitty

Created by: s3w4g3


13. That’s Enough Holly!

Created by: bigfatbrains


14. Street Fighter Cat

Created by: Tuskus


15. Let’s Dance Together

Created by: FailFTW


16. Puss in Boots

Created by: FailsBBB


17. Cat Fury

Created by: braininajar8


18. Stiff Arm Cat

Created by: PosiBot

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