It’s a common theme in every genre of music, but country songs about fear really seem to get the subject matter right. Whether it’s about the fear of dying, the fear of a new relationship, or the fear of being alone, these country songs about being afraid are both powerful and thought-provoking. We’ve collected the best, including songs from Reba McEntire, Rascal Flatts, Travis Tritt and more. We all cope with fear in different ways, and theses songs may offer a new perspective for you.

1. Reba McEntire- The Fear of Being Alone

Reba McEntire might be best known to some as a television actress, but her best talent is definitely her singing.  In “The Fear of Being Alone” she doesn’t want her man to tell her that he loves her, but instead wait and see if it is more than just not wanting to be alone. The track peaked at the #2 spot on the Hot Country Singles Chart, and can be found on her 1996 album What If It’s You.


2. Kenny Chesney- Scare Me

Kenny Chesney is afraid of love in his song “Scare Me” from 2007’s Just Who I Am: Poets & Pirates. Kenny sings that he was never afraid of being alone, but he can’t get the person he’s thinking about out of his head, and that really scares him. The chorus repeats over and over “you scare me”, proving that fear and love often go hand in hand.


3. Rascal Flatts- My Worst Fear

“My Worst Fear” by Rascal Flatts tells the story of a man getting ready to leave his love when he wakes up the next day- “It’s gonna make it hard to tell you that I’m leaving / Now that I know just how much you care”. However the twist of this song is revealed in the second verse, when the narrator of the songs finds that she’s already gone. You can find “My Worst Fear” on the 2002 “Melt” album.


4. Taylor Swift- Fearless

“Fearless” by Taylor Swift surprisingly isn’t about a breakup but instead the beginning of a relationship. “You take my hand and drag me head first, fearless” basically shows what the entire song is about; overcoming the fear of a new relationship.


5. Tim McGraw- Live Like You Were Dying

The fear of death can be a powerful thing. In “Live Like You Were Dying” Tim McGraw talks about what a person did when faced with death. “I went sky divin’, I went rocky mountain climbin’.” This is truly a beautiful song and one that you should absolutely listen to. It’s a bit confusing considering the song is about living life the fullest and not being afraid, but underneath that there is always the fear of death that is being drawn from in a song like this.


6. Aaron Lewis- Afraid

We’ve all been afraid to make a mistake at one time or another. In “Afraid” Aaron Lewis reminds us that “it’s only life” and so we needn’t waste our time on fear. The person he’s singing about in the has a fear of change, just like many of us do when we’ve been stuck in a particular situation for an extended period of time.


7. Josh Turner- Another Try

When we mess up in love we can feel regret but we can’t always take it back. Josh Turner sings “Another Try” with Trisha Yearwood featured about getting “one more chance” and wanting the hands of time to move in reverse”. It’s a classic tale of not wanting to be alone for the rest of your life, and many of us experience it after getting out of a long relationship. 


8. Chely Wright- Broken

Chely Wright writes about being scared to love in “Broken”. She’s been hurt in the past, as has her love interest, and she is really afraid of letting someone into her life again when there’s a chance that she might be betrayed again. I think we’ve all felt this at some point during our lives, especially after a bad breakup where we were wronged by our partner.


9. Travis Tritt- Can I Trust You With My Heart

When starting a new love after having our hearts broken we might want to ask, as Travis Tritt did, “can I trust you with my heart”? This song is so soulful and lovely that you’ll forget that it’s about the fear of being hurt. You can find it on Tritt’s 1992 album T-R-O-U-B-L-E.


10. Dolly Parton & Porter Wagoner- Jeannie’s Afraid of the Dark

Easily the saddest song on this list, “Jeannie’s Afraid of the Dark” tells the story of a child who is afraid of the dark, and unfortunately dies at a young age. She had previously asked her parents not to bury her when she died, because she was afraid of the dark. 

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