Idiot shoots sawed off shotgun

What happens when you give a wannabe thug a redneck weapon like a sawed off shotgun? You get a beautiful disaster for all of us to enjoy, that’s what.

Rocking a marijuana leaf beanie, you can instantly tell that the subject of the video is a man of great intelligence. However his brain failed him this time, foolishly ignoring his friend’s instruction to “hip shoot that ho.” Although he first looks like he’s about to take a hip shot, he changes his mind and raises it up to face level, as if it’s a rifle. Once again his friend tells him “nah fool don’t shoot it like that” but he doesn’t listen. He fires the shotgun and the butt smashes into his face, leaving him mumbling in pain.

The best part of this video is the friend filming saying “I told you so” over and over again. You can hear just a hint of joy in his voice as he says it, as if he’s happy his dumb ass friend didn’t listen and got hurt.

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