So the moment is finally here. The undead have taken over the world, and humans are left to fend for ourselves in a chaotic free-for-all that is now our life. That being said, what kind of person do you think will be most likely to adapt to these grueling circumstances? For us, the answer is without a doubt the redneck. Sure people rip on rednecks sometimes, but wait until zombies are after them- they’ll be wishing they had a redneck to team up with. Here are 10 reasons why rednecks would be best for surviving a zombie apocalypse.

1. Trucks Make For Good Apocalypse Vehicles

Every redneck drives a truck, and guess what? Trucks are by far the best vehicles to own during a zombie apocalypse. Picture this: You’re driving down a deserted highway, when all of a sudden you notice a big hoard of zombies up ahead.  If you have a truck, then plowing through the zombies and crushing them beneath your tires is definitely an option that smaller sedans don’t have. Not only are trucks stronger vehicles, but with their beds they can haul supplies, have guns mounted to them, and all sorts of other neat stuff that would making surviving easier. Sure they’re going to eat more gas, but they’re also going to keep you alive. Sounds like a fair trade off to me.

2. Rednecks Know How To Shoot

When the zombie apocalypse happens, you better make damn sure you know how to shoot a gun. Rednecks come into the situation with a ton of prior weapon knowledge, making them more likely to survive than someone who’s never shot a gun. It’s not just guns either, as many country folk are good with knives, hatchets, and other weapons that could definitely get that job done.

3. Rednecks Are Crafty As Hell

People are always laughing at “redneck inventions” on the internet, but those seemingly funny work-arounds would be perfect during an apocalypse. You’ve got to get creative when you’re out surviving, or you’re gonna be zombie food quick. No time to call a repair man when you’ve got zombies breathing down your neck, but that doesn’t matter to a redneck. If you’re friends with one, you know they can fix literally anything with duct tape.

4. They’re Really Good At Fishing

Fish would be a great food option when the apocalypse finally comes, especially if you live in a coastal area. Assuming that bodies of water weren’t infected with whatever would turn you un-dead, fish are basically an unlimited resource for rednecks who knows how to fish.

5. Rednecks Can Live Off The Land

What do you suppose you’re going to eat after the world goes to hell? Unless you’re a redneck, you probably don’t really eat off the land very much. You go to a grocery store, buy pre-packaged meals, and microwave everything you cook. Rednecks on the other hand are used to farming, raising cows and chickens, and living off of what they sow. When it comes time to plant crops so that you don’t starve during the winter, you’re gonna want some country folk on your team.

6. Great Sense of Direction

You can’t count on your GPS when the world ends, so you better have a good sense of direction. Southern folk are particularly good at getting where they need to go by memory, putting them at an advantage when it comes to surviving the hoard.

7. They Can Entertain Themselves Without Electricity

I wonder how many people would go crazy if electricity ever went away. If the zombie apocalypse goes down, then not having electricity is definitely a possibility. Rednecks probably use technology and electricity the least out of everyone, so they probably wouldn’t feel too uncomfortable if they had to live without it.

8.They’re Always Wearing Camo

If you watch The Walking Dead, then you know that zombies aren’t the only threat that you need to look out for. Besides the undead that will be trying to eat you, there are also other humans out there trying to survive, and they’re going to do anything to keep themselves alive. A redneck wearing camo will naturally be more stealthy, especially in a wooded setting.

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