We’ve all seen them. You’re driving down the road, when all of a sudden a rice rocket pulls up next to you sporting the ugliest (and funniest) spoiler you’ve ever seen. You’re looking at this crappy spoiler and thinking “who the hell actually thinks this looks good? Who would want this?” Well get ready to experience that feeling on a whole nother level.

These are the absolute funniest and ugliest car spoilers that have ever been spotted in the wild, ranging from wooden creations to 7 foot high monstrosities. We’re not saying that all spoilers are ugly, so don’t think we’re trashing anyone whose car has a spoiler, factory or not. If you drive a WRX or Lancer EVO than you probably have a spoiler, and we respect that. If you ever see something like this in your town, snap a picture and send it to us, we’ll feature it on the list in a heartbeat.

1. Good spoiler for when you want to challenge someone to handball in a parking lot

2. Your car seats seven? Sweet spoiler bro!

3. Nothing wrong with being a little thrifty

4. Back it up to your pool, it makes a great diving board

5. For when you want your spoiler to say “I’m a nerd who collects swords but I’m also white trash”

6. My personal favorite, no explanation needed

7. See that’s a sexy spoiler right there, doesn’t look stupid at all

8. I’m not going to knock the Lego spoiler, it pleases me too much

9. You know what, I’m not even mad at that


10. And you thought your girlfriend’s underwear was the only whale tail you’d see today


11. Probably the most badass spoiler on the list

12. Yo homie my spoiler doubles as a radio tower

13. This one just sucks, next

14. That looks effing ridiculous, 2/10

15. What should we do with our old towel rack? Wait I’ve got an idea…

16. Is this real life? WTF am I looking at?

17. Amish spoilers are built to last


18. And of course the ugliest spoiler of all time…stupid Crossfire


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