It’s interesting how different minds can take one subject and extract so many different themes from it. Although these are all country songs about water, each artist puts their own spin on the subject, resulting in some really great country music that is deep, cheerful, and everything in between. For example, “The River” by Garth Brooks and “River of Love” by George Strait both use a river as the driving point of their songs, but the way they use it is completely different. Water is commonly associated with Christianity, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that some of the tunes on this list are country songs about holy water. Carrie Underwood and Big and Rich are just two artists who tied water and Christianity together for their songs. Did we miss any good country water songs? Leave us a comment and tell us your favorite!

1. Garth Brooks- The River

The song the river is a soft-hearted song that brings new meaning to dreams. Garth Brooks delivers a message that tells us that no matter what happens, quitting is not an option. “Dare to dance the tide” is an ignited phrase that is telling us to take chances in life, not just sit back and be content sitting on the shoreline. There are going to be some hard times in life, but until death when the river runs dry, let’s keep sailing.


2. George Strait: River of Love

“I’ve got the paddle, I’ve got the boat”. George Strait knows how to sing a great tune and “River of Love” is no exception. Simple but meaningful, George Strait can make you want to “roll in the river of love” as he puts it. It’s unclear if the woman he’s singing to is a crush of his that he wants to romance for the first time, or someone that is already in his life. Either way it’s a great country love song that uses water to drive the song forward.


3. Trace Adkins - Muddy Water

Bringing life to a picture, Trace Adkins understands that sometimes there is a sinner in us that needs to be buried and made anew. “Muddy Water” is a prayerful song that tells the story of someone who hasn’t been living their life as virtuously as they should be. With lyrics like “But there’s a man in me I need to drown” this song is dark and powerful, and makes us question if we’ve been living our lives as we should be.


4. Big and Rich - Holy Water

“Holy Water” is a brilliant song from Big and Rich’s debut album Horse of a Different Color.  The song describes a girl who used to be full of light and energy, but is now broken down and stuck in a dark place- “Somewhere there’s a stolen halo / I use to watch her wear it well”.  She asks in the chorus to be held like holy water, a desperate plea for help from someone who just doesn’t know how to help themselves.


5. Brooks and Dunn - Cool Drink of Water

In another “wild girl who you know you shouldn’t be with be she’s just so hot that you can’t help yourself” song, Brooks and Dunn equate the devil woman to a cool drink of water. Appearing on their debut country album Brand New Man in 1991, “Cool Drink of Water” is definitely a great song for those of us with high maintenance women in our lives.



6. Carrie Underwood - Something in the Water

Breathtaking and beautiful just as her personality, Carrie Underwood brings a lot of passion with “Something in the Water”.  This is a very Christian influenced song, as it depicts someone who is lost in life, but finds faith in God and beings to see the light- “Trust in someone bigger than me / Ever since the day that I believed”. “Something in the Water” was a massive success for Underwood, topping both the Hot Country and Hot Christian billboards.


7. Luke Bryan - Muckalee Creek Water

“Muckalee Creek Water” has a great message that every redneck can get behind- put away your damn phones and go spend some time outdoors. Luke Bryan tells stories of his childhood at Muckalee Creek, how his father taught him how to fish and hunt rabbits. At the end of the song he exclaims “No sign of the city lights / Hell with the city lights!” which is something we can all relate to- sometimes you need to escape the city and just live under the stars with some peace and quiet.


8. Sheryl Crow - Waterproof Mascara

When a woman wears waterproof mascara, she can hide her pain behind her beauty. Sheryl Crow tells the gut wrenching story of a single mother in “Waterproof Mascara” who has to answer questions from her son like “All my friends have daddys, momma why don’t I?”. Her waterproof mascara helps disguise her anguish of wishing her son’s father was still in the picture.


9. Brad Paisley - Water

Bringing enlightenment to the summer attributes of water, Brad Paisley helps you visualize how much fun splashing in the water can be. Unlike the other songs on this list, this song is literally about water and nothing else. No metaphors, just good ol’ water. Brad paisley reminds us all that beer and water are two of the best things that can go hand-in-hand. It’s not a deep song by any means, but just relax and appreciate it for what it is- a catchy little tune.


10. Alan Jackson- Chattahoochee

Alright, I can guarantee that none of the other music videos on this list feature the artist water skiing with a cowboy hat on. Alan Jackson’s “Chattahoochee” is a nostalgic song where Jackson recalls his time growing up on the Chattahoochee River. It celebrates the innocence of youth, and discovering your first love.

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