When a redneck goes fishing, he doesn’t use a fancy boat like some city slicker would. Here are the funniest redneck boats we’ve ever seen, proving that something doesn’t need to be pretty to float. Some might say these redneck boats are fails, but most of them are actually pretty genius when you think about it. The boats below might be a little bit ghetto, but they’re better than nothing when you’re broke and you want to get out on the lake.

The SS Picnic Table

The Solo

Redneck House Boat

The Malibu

Bubba’s Armchair

The Floating Living Room


How The Hell Is This Thing Floating?

The Floating Trailer Trend Continues

The Bud Boat

Redneck Throne

Land Boat

Another Redneck Houseboat

Redneck Pontoon

Floating Hatchback

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