As these confederate tattoos show, you just can’t hide southern pride. Hell even if you’re not from the south, if you’re a redneck then the confederate flag is probably part of your life in one way or another.  Below are the coolest confederate flag tattoos we could find, including confederate tattoos for both men and women. If you need a confederate flag tattoo idea, then check these out and see if any of them are close to your vision.

1. Canadian Redneck Who Drives a Chevy

2. For The Redneck Couples Out There

3. Badass Baby

4. Pride and Joy


5. Redneck Heart

6. The Slashed Flag Tat

7. Braided Confederate Flag

7. South Carolina Pride

8. Confederate Christianity

9. Confederate Arm

10. Confederate Metal

11. Don’t Tread On This Redneck

12. Confederate Zombie

13. Redneck Ford Pride

14. Not the First With A Confederate Flag and Buck

15. Awesome Confederate Skull

16. Another Confederate Slashing

17. Rebel Bird

18. Cool Design

19. Repping The South

20. Confederate Reaper

21. Flag and Skulls

22. Redneck Tinkerbell

23. No Color But Awesome

24. Redneck Hawk

25. Country Babe Draped In Confederacy

26. Lame Pic But Cool Tat Bro

27. Nice and Simple

28. Confederate Bicep

29. Bulldog

30. Tribute

31. ‘Bama Pride

32. Gotta Have The Eagle

33. Another Buck

34. And Another Reaper (we’re almost done we promise)

35. Pretty Sweet Minus The Glitter

36. Don’t Show Mom This One

37. Buck Skull

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