When you live in the south, lifted trucks with huge exhausts are dime a dozen. However every once in a while you run into some insane person who has taken their truck and made it into a monstrosity. Whether they’re ghetto as hell or just plain ugly, these are the funniest redneck trucks the world has ever known.

1. Not Exactly A Truck But Deserves To Be Here


2. Hey Baby I’ll Pick You Up In My Giant Fish Around 7

3. Redneck Limos Are Always Fun


4. Quick! Kill It With Fire!



5. Everyone Knows At Least One Person Like This In Their Town

deer pick up truck

6. Rednecks Celebrate Christmas In Style

7. If You Can Pull A Girl With This Truck, You Are A Certified Mack Daddy

8. A Crappy Lift For A Crappy Car


9. Redneck Fire Trucks Are Pretty Badass

10. Gotta Love Rednecks With Money

11. When Your Lift Doesn’t Match Your Truck


12. What The Hell Am I Looking At?

lake george 032

13. Waste Of A Bed But Kind Of Cool


14. The Most WTF Truck On This List


15. It’s Like An 18 Wheeler For Children

16. Respect The Boat Truck


17. When Even Your RV Has Monster Truck Tires

redneck camping


Here’s my personal favorite to finish it off. Never underestimate the genius of redneck innovation, as demonstrated by this redneck from Maine:

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