Funny Redneck Toilet

We all know that rednecks are Do-It-Yourself masters, so it should also come as no surprise that they’ve made some pretty epic toilets. Some of these redneck toilets are borderline genius, and are total viable options if you’re going to spend a few nights in the woods. However a lot of the toilets below are either disgusting or hilariously impractical, and you would definitely never want to use them. Which of these ghetto toilets grosses you out the most? Let us know in the comments!

1. Sometimes you just want a toilet with armrests

2. Same configuration works perfect outside

3. Minus points for being ugly, but it gets the job done

4. Improving upon the first model, not bad

5. That noodle looks for comfortable than my toilet seat at home

6. Terrific option if you’re camping, A+

7. Camo toilet for those stealthy craps

8. You’re telling me I can poop and drive at the same time?

9. Check out this beautiful purple bathroom

10. Why would you want a bigger splash?



11. Great toilet for a construction site


12. Let’s hope none of us will ever have to use this john


13. Do you really need a shotgun plunger?


14. Gotta be comfy while you do your business


15. This one is even more luxurious


16. That cone has seen better days


17. The whole world is your toilet with this setup

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