Like most phobias, selenophobia, or a fear of the moon, usually stems from a bad childhood experience. It is alternately also called lunaphobia, but the two words are interchangeable. It might seem odd that someone would be scared of the moon, but it’s more common than you probably think. Reddit user bna1820 did a AMA (ask me anything) 5 years ago and answered questions about his selenophobia. He confirmed that his fear of the moon did indeed come from a traumatic experience he suffered as a child:

“Specifically, I had a fear of the full moon. It was a mild case. My mom told me I had the phobia because of a babysitter I had when I was 2 or 3, who somehow scared me into it. Because of the phobia I basically couldn’t look at the full moon. I gradually lost the phobia in my early teens, but even today, whenever I look at the full moon, it looks like an odd thing, an abomination in the sky.”

The majority of people who have Selenophobia are frightened by the full moon, when it is at it’s biggest.


Perhaps the scariest of moon is the rare harvest moon, in which the moon glows a bloody red color

Here’s what the moon looks like in the anime series Soul Eater. What do you have against Selenophobiacs Japan?

If you have selenophobia, then The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask is probably the scariest game you will ever play. Why? Because during the course of the game, a giant moon with a creepy face is on it is hurdling towards the earth, that’s why.

The more time that goes by in the game, the closer the evil moon gets.

If you fail to complete the game in time, the moon crashes down and destroys the planet. If you have Selenophobia, I can’t think of anything that is scarier.

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