There are few things in life that bring you more pleasure than a trashy mugshot. Sure sex and beer are great, but I always feel amazingly happy when I look at redneck mugshots. From the disgusting mullets to the messed up teeth, these are truly some of the worst looking hillbillies on the planet. Honestly these people make 90s trailer trash from the show COPS look like runway models.

1. Remember That Time Mario Did Meth?


2. Those Novelty Fake Hillbilly Teeth Were Modeled After This Guy

3. You Thought Your Farmer’s Tan Was Bad?


4. How Do You Have 3 Terrible Haircuts All At The Same Time?

5. Who knew Tomatoes Could Grow Facial Hair?

6. This Man Was Arrested For Impersonating A Giraffe


7. Ladies Love The Frosted Mullet

8. This Dude’s Forehead Is So Big It Should Be Called A Fivehead

9. Meet Yosemite Sam’s Uglier Brother

10. I Think She’s Available Men, Any Takers?

11. World’s Biggest Larry The Cable Guy Fan

12. You Ever Seen a Mole With a Mullet?

13. The Crypt Keepers Wife Was Taken Into Custody After His Death


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