Although sushi might be your favorite meal, for some just the thought of eating raw fish would be a horrifying ordeal. Ichthyophobia is an intense fear of fish, whether it’s the fear of eating or touching fish, or simply just the fear of looking at them. Ichthyophobia is a phobia that extends across the entire planet, as it has been written about in many languages. Within Ichthyophobia are more specific phobias, like galeophobia, the fear of sharks.

Do you think your have Ichthyophobia? We’ve included some scary fish pictures and GIFs below to help you decide.

Let’ start with fish when they’re in a school, because piranha feeding frenzies are what nightmares are made of. They could tear all the flesh from your body in just a few minutes, although they don’t always attack humans.

Seriously check out the teeth on these bastards, they’re like little sharks with a worse attitude

Back to the feeding frenzies, even harmless catfish are terrifying when they swarm their food source. Here they are devouring a dog carcass, so yes they do eat meat (especially pork)

Would you get in the middle of this carp feeding frenzy? All those slimy fish just wriggling around on you? Me neither.

What scares me about fish is how big some of them can grow to be. Does it creep you out to know that while you’re swimming, this could be lurking right underneath you? The largest catfish ever caught was almost 400 pounds, and over 9 feet in length.

Here’s another monster catfish, although this one is thicker than he is long

Worst of all are the creepy deep sea creatures that we know nothing about. If you weren’t scared of fish already, then you’re about to be



Did those Ichthyophobia pictures frighten you at all? The fear of fish usually comes from a physical encounter involving sight or touch, so you might not know how scared you really are until you’re right in front of one. If you’re interested in weird phobias, check out our other photo galleries of gephyrophobia or thalassophobia.

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