If you’re like me, then seeing someone park like an idiot really gets your blood boiling. I mean how hard is it to just pull your damn vehicle between two lines? The most annoying part is that it seems like these morons park like this on purpose because they think it’s cool. Unfortunately for the douchebag drivers below, people took issue with their crappy parking and let them know. From shopping cart blockades to stolen tires, here are 17 people who parked like idiots and got what was coming to them.

1. Saran Wrap Is A Genius Way To Ruin Someone’s Day

2. Nothing Like A Good Cart Blockage

3. This Method Is Great If You For Some Reason Have Colored Chalk In Your Trunk

4. Smart Car, Dumb Parking

5. Note To Self: Never Park In Front Of A Fire Hydrant

6. Wow This Guy Was Really Pissed Off

7. You Came To The Wrong Neighborhood…

8. Some More Teamwork To Fight The Crappy Parkers

9. Sometimes An Asshole Note Is Necessary

10. If You Don’t Have Paper, Sometimes You Just Have To Write On Their Car

11. Is Parking Like A Jerk Really Worth Losing A Tire?

12. Not Sure What This Person Did Wrong But Man They Got Owned


13. Nothing Better Than A Good Old Fashioned Boot

14. More Shopping Cart Tactics

15. This Is What Happens When You Park Like A Jerk In Brazil

16. This Person Decided To Be Super Nice

17. There’s No Way He’s Getting Out Of This One

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