If you’ve never been in a bad situation with a bear, take a cue from this man on what to do. While out for a walk with his wife and dog, Ralph Perrson spotted a pretty big brown bear after his dog started acting strangely. When the bear suddenly rushed him from the woods, Ralph made himself as big as possible while simultaneously letting out one of the most badass, primal roars you’ll ever hear out of a human being. The bear went from full on charge mode to “nope I’m out” in about half a second:

This dude not only got his wife to film the video, but he actually captured first-person perspective version from his camera phone as well:

Most of you already know this, but don’t try to outrun a bear. Take after this man’s example and do exactly what he does- make yourself as big as possible, and scream like you’re about to rip the thing’s head off with your bare hands.

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