The 7 Best Country Songs About Thunder & Lightning

Have you ever noticed how many great country songs about thunder and lightning there are? From Kane Brown’s “Thunder in the Rain” to The Cadillac Three’s “White Lightning”, there are a ton of great country songs about lightning, thunder, or even both.

Sometimes country songs about thunder can be depressing- take Garth Brooks’ “The Thunder Rolls” for example, where a wife gets revenge on her cheating husband. Other country songs about lightning, like The Bellamy Brothers’ “We Dared the Lightning”, are about the spirit of youth and living life to the fullest.

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1. John Williamson- At Lightning Ridge

You probably don’t listen to a lot of Australian country music, but John Williamson is a great choice if you don’t mind his thick accent. “At Lightning Ridge” is a great ballad about a man who lives life as a recluse- “Don’t ask any questions / Don’t snoop around his claim / He’ll be out with a dog and a shotgun / Who knows what he’s hiding / Or why he makes his stand / Men like him are buried alive / With Opals in their hands.”


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