The 10 Best Country Songs About Whiskey

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For all the dark liquor lovers out there, here’s our list of the 10 best country songs about whiskey. Why does it seem like country music and whiskey go hand in hand? From David Allen Coe to Toby Keith, most of your favorite country artists have written country songs about whiskey. Whiskey is usually used as a device in these songs for drowning the narrator’s sorrows due to heartbreak, but not all of them are quite so sad.

What is your favorite country song about whiskey or Jack Daniels? We know music is subjective, so leave us a comment if your favorite whiskey country tune isn’t already on our list.

1. Toby Keith- Whiskey Girl

This one’s for all the badass girls who love drinking whiskey over wine. From his 2004 album Shock’n Y’all, “Whiskey Girl” is a simple song about a girl that the narrator admires for her strong attitude and love of whiskey- “She ain’t into wine and roses / Beer just makes her turn up her nose and / She can’t stand the thought of sippin’ champagne / No Cuervo Gold Margaritas.” If you’re a girl who prefers Jack over white wine, then this is a country song about whiskey that is dedicated to you!


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