Friend Laughs Hysterically as Fat Dude Tries to Exit BMW i8

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Whenever something terrible or humiliating happens, you can always count on your friends to laugh at you and delight in your misfortune. Whether you fall of your dirt bike while riding or trip on the curb while carrying beer into the house, a good friend will always make fun of you before asking if you’re OK.

That’s exactly what YouTuber Sam Coops did when his overweight buddy struggled to get out of the BMW i8, which admittedly is not a great car if you’re pushing 250+ pounds. As his sturdy friend tries with all his might to exit the vehicle, Sam laughs like a madman, reveling in his friend’s misfortune like it’s Christmas morning.

Check out the video below, and try to contain yourself from giggling like an idiot- the cameraman’s laughter is pretty darn contagious.

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