Hunter Kills Bear With Spear Throw: Internet Goes Crazy

Remember when the internet went nuts after the whole Cecil the Lion debacle last year? Well, the newest controversy comes in the form of a bear being killed with a spear, prompting the internet to freak out in a very similar fashion.

26 year old hunter Josh Bowmar recently uploaded a video to his YouTube channel, showing him killing a bear via spear throw from about 40 feet out. The Ohio native performed the kill in Aberta, Canada, where spear hunting is perfectly legal. It’s a spectacular throw, striking and eventually killing the black bear after it bled out. Bowmar claims the kill was ethical, saying the kill was “as humane and ethical as one could get in a hunting situation on big game animals.”

However, that didn’t stop critics from voicing their opposition to the kill. Taking to him and his wife’s Facebook pages, people called them every name under the sun, including disgusting, psychos, and worthless garbage. Bowmar received so much blowback, in fact, that he had to remove the video from his YouTube channel entirely after receiving multiple death threats.

Luckily the video was mirrored and uploaded to other outlets; you can watch most of it below. Was this kill humane? People cite the fact that he let the animal bleed to death rather than killing it instantly as cruel, as well as using bait to lure the animal in (although this is legal in certain parts of Canada.) Other are praising Bowmar for having balls of steel, taking down a bear with an ancient form of hunting that few would dare to attempt today. What do you think? Let us know in the comments if this kill was ethical or not.

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