Ever wonder what it would be like to bang in space? Well, the folks over at Pornhub have, and they’re currently trying to make it happen. Over on Indiegogo they currently have a crowdfunding campaign going for “Sexploration,” the first ever porn to take place in space. The film is set to star Eva Lovia and Johnny Sins, aka that bald dude with the big dong that’s in every other porn video that you watch:

How much does Pornhub need to raise in order to bang in zero gravity? Their goal is currently set at 3.4 million dollars, with 60% of that amount going to towards the actual flight and the training needed for their “actors.” People from around the world recently coughed up millions for the Indiegogo Super Troopers 2 campaign, but are they really willing to donate that much to make a porn in space happen? So far just under $20,000 has been raised, but they’ve got a long way to go if they want to get to 3.4 mil. That’s one small hump for man, one giant hump for mankind.

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