Grump Chameleon

What human being can’t relate to Gringo the chameleon, a lizard that just wants to get some sleep? You’ve dozed off, you’re having an awesome dream about camouflaging and stuff, and BAM! Some jerk wakes you up for no apparent reason. It doesn’t help that he’s blasting Regulate by Warren G in the background, either. This chameleon is like “it’s not a bad song but c’mon man I just woke up.” No wait, the chameleon is like, “Warren G is great, but I’m more of a fan of Chamillionaire.” Ignore the bad jokes and check out this crazy bastard in action:

And I thought my girlfriend was cranky in the morning (am I right fellas?)

Gringo is a funny and grumpy pet, but let’s focus on the real hero of the video, which is the chameleon’s owner Alex. This dude sounds straight out of a Cheech and Chong movie, spouting lines while his lizard is trying to bite him like, “Fuckin’ Pacific Rim going on in here!” We can only assumed he’s hella stoned in the video, and if he isn’t, than he is probably the most naturally chill guy on the planet.

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