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  • Idiot Breaks His Jaw Shooting A Sawed Off Shotgun

    What happens when you give a wannabe thug a redneck weapon like a sawed off shotgun? You get a beautiful disaster for all of us to enjoy, that’s what. Rocking a marijuana leaf beanie, you can instantly tell that the subject of the video is a man of great intelligence. However his brain failed him […]

  • The 18 Ugliest Car Spoilers Ever Spotted in the Wild

    We’ve all seen them. You’re driving down the road, when all of a sudden a rice rocket pulls up next to you sporting the ugliest (and funniest) spoiler you’ve ever seen. You’re looking at this crappy spoiler and thinking “who the hell actually thinks this looks good? Who would want this?” Well get ready to […]

  • 21 Ridiculous Hand Drawn Game Covers Found at GameStop

    If you buy stuff from GameStop, every once in a while you’ll run into a game with a hand drawn cover. Most of them are hilariously bad, but occasionally there will be one that is actually looks like the original box art. Below are pictures of both, including funny hand drawn Gamestop game covers and […]

  • The 17 Funniest Redneck Toilets We’ve Ever Seen

    We all know that rednecks are Do-It-Yourself masters, so it should also come as no surprise that they’ve made some pretty epic toilets. Some of these redneck toilets are borderline genius, and are total viable options if you’re going to spend a few nights in the woods. However a lot of the toilets below are […]

  • Gorilla Gives The Middle Finger To Annoying Photographer

    You ever gone to the zoo and been disappointed that the animals were so damn boring? It’s like yeah those tigers are cool, but I don’t give a damn about watching them sleep. Luckily for Bob Pitchford, he got his money’s worth last week at the Bristol Zoo in England, when he captured a gorilla […]

  • 17 People Who Parked Like A Jerk And Got Owned

    If you’re like me, then seeing someone park like an idiot really gets your blood boiling. I mean how hard is it to just pull your damn vehicle between two lines? The most annoying part is that it seems like these morons park like this on purpose because they think it’s cool. Unfortunately for the […]

  • 43 Ridiculously Funny And Offensive Church Signs

    It’s true that Christians are sometimes easily offended, but these funny church signs prove even ministers can have a twisted sense of humor. Why wasn’t my church ever as funny as these? Seeing a funny or offensive church sign would have definitely made going to mass a little more exciting for me. We’re kicking off […]

  • 24 Unlucky People Who Are Definitely Getting Fired Today

    We’ve all dropped the ball at work before, but hopefully not as bad as these people. If you ever run into a situation like any of the pictures below, you might as well turn in your uniform and call it a day, because you will almost undoubtedly be getting fired. From staircases that lead to […]

  • 21 Funny Pictures That Explain Why Women Live Longer Than Men

    Unfortunately for us men, science doesn’t lie. Women tend to live at least 5-6 years longer than men on average, and if you want to know why, just check out the photos below. Seriously what the hell is wrong with us? We’ll put our lives in danger just to trim a tree, doing anything we […]

  • 17 Animals Who Did Something And Instantly Regretted It

    We all have regrets in life- that final drink you shouldn’t have had, that questionable person you shouldn’t have hooked up with. But who would have thought that animals also regret things on a daily basis? I mean I thought being an animal was easy, especially if you’re someone’s pet. You eat, sleep, and occasionally […]